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4. Tools and auxiliary means for riveting

- Riveting hammer:

These are locksmith's hammers of a weight between 50 g and 200 g. Hand hammers of a weight between 200 g and 400 g are also used.

Figure 16 - Riveting hammer

Rivet setter:

It serves for setting the set head to the workpiece and for pressing on the plates to be riveted. The head bore side is hardened.

Figure 17 - Rivet setter

- Rivet header:

It serves for finish-forming the closing head of button head rivets after it had been preshaped by the hammer. The head recess is hardened and polished.

Figure 18 - Rivet header

Rivet support (counter holder):

This receives the set head of a button head rivet and is equipped with a head recess. There are fixed rivet supports for clamping in a vice as well as adjustable ones.

The latter are placed under big workpieces and adjusted with the help of a screw.

For countersunk-head riveting, a surface plate or anvil can be used as rivet support.

Figure 19 - Fixed riveting support

Figure 20 - Adjustable riveting support

- Clamping tools:

Various clamps or clamp dogs may be used for clamping the plates; in clamping jaws for round material, rivet bolts can be preformed.

Figure 21 - Clamping by hand vice

For hot-riveting, the following is required additionally:

- smith's fire (for heating up the rivets)
- rivet clamp (for holding the hot rivets)
- rivet tongs (for taking the rivets out of the fire)

For mechanized riveting, the following equipment is used:

- pneumatic riveter
- hydraulic riveter

Which tools and auxiliary equipment are used for cold-riveting by hand?

What is the task of the rivet setter?