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close this bookBending - Course: Technique of Working Sheet Metals, Pipes and Sections. Instruction Examples for Practical Vocational Training
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View the documentInstruction Example 14.1.: Mounting Angle
View the documentInstruction Example 14.2.: Half-round Bracket
View the documentInstruction Example 14.3.: Hasp
View the documentInstruction Example 14.4.: Double Pipe Knee
View the documentInstruction Example 14.5.: Beaker Jacket
View the documentInstruction Example 14.6.: Beaker

Preliminary Remarks

This material contains 6 selected instruction examples, by means of which bending of sheet metals and sections with various tools and appliances can be practised. The following techniques are applied for making the practising pieces:

- Folding of sheet metals and round sections
- Turning over of sheet metals
- Flanging and seaming of sheet metals
- Rounding of sheet metals, round sections and pipes
- Rolling of sheet metals

While "mounting angles" and "double pipe knee" exclusively are exercise pieces, the "half-round bracket", the "interlocking sleeve" and "beaker" may be used in the workshop in practice.

To facilitate preparation and execution of work, the materials, tools, measuring and testing instruments as well as auxiliary means necessary for each instruction example are specified. Moreover, the previous knowledge needed to perform the exercises is mentioned.

Based on working drawings and the appurtenant sequence of operations, the exercises can be done independently.