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close this bookWorking with Driling Machines - Course: Mechanical Woodworking Techniques. Instruction Examples for Practical Vocational Training
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Preliminary Remarks

The present material includes 3 instruction examples where the drilling of bottom bores and through hole bores of smaller and larger diameters can be practised. Thereby a brush stand for workshop use and decorative boards for a wall shelf are being manufactured. The wall shelf should be mounted by dowel and screw joints.

In order to ease the preparation and the execution of the jobs for each instruction example the necessary materials, machines and tools, measuring and testing means and auxiliaries are mentioned to carry out the exercises. The added working steps include the sequences of operations to carry out the exercises.

To each instruction example a working sketch is added where the measures and forms of the work pieces can be taken from.

The bore distances shall be determined on the pieces themselves.

Pay attention to the fact that Instruction Example 03.2. is to be manufactured as component part for Instruction Example 03.3.

Be accurate with the external measures in this case.