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close this bookThreaded Joints - Course: Techniques of Fitting and Assembling Component Parts to Produce Simple Units. Instruction Examples for Practical Vocational Training
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View the documentInstruction Example 33.1. Making a Threaded Joint
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View the documentInstruction Example 33.4. Making a Pipe Joint

Preliminary Remarks

The present material includes four selected instruction examples by means of which methods of making threaded joints can be practised. In doing so, the trainees use different types and kinds of bolts, screws, nuts and locking elements.

In the exercises which are described in this material they shall practise making simple threaded fastening joints with bolts, screws and nuts, consolidating at the same time their abilities in thread cutting. In another exercise, a container is to be made by screwing together sheets. In the final example two pipes are to be joined through a bell piece. The prepared parts which are to be joined should merely be accurate in size and angle. The trainees are required to cut all threads.

For each instruction example, the necessary materials, tools, measuring and testing means, as well as auxiliary accessories are specified to facilitate the preparation and execution of the work. Furthermore, the previous knowledge is given that is required to carry out the exercises. The working drawings and sequences of operations which are attached to the respective exercises shall help the trainees to accomplish them independently.