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close this bookSetting-up and Operating of Regular Engine Lathes - Course: Techniques for Machining of Material. Instruction Examples for Practical Vocational Training
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The present material contains selected practical examples serving the purpose of applying and consolidating the knowledge, skills and abilities in the field of setting-up and operating lead-screw and feed shaft lathes.

The instructions given on the required sequences of operations, tools and auxiliary means from the basis for the systematic preparation of the setting-up and operating of leadscrew and feed shaft lathes. They are meant to make the sequence of operations as efficient as possible.

Previous knowledge is recommended, as this is the precondition for the operations to be carried out.

The previous knowledge should be checked and/or repeated before beginning the work. The given technological sequence of operations guarantees a good acquisition of the abilities to be learned. The sequence of the operations must be observed in order to achieve a good quality.

To the instruction examples 2 and 3, a workshop sketch is attached from which the required shapes and dimensions of the workpiece are to be seen. The necessary explanations of these sketches are placed in front of the technological sequence of operations of these examples.

The regulations on labour safety and fire protection have always to be observed. Hints in this connection are given only in special cases under the category of “Remarks”.