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5. Basic Provisions of Labour Safety when Operating Routing Machines

The routing machine is a wood working machine giving rise to the lowest number of accidents. The required labour safety provisions can be easily ensured. The requirements in point are the following:

- order and tidiness around the machine are essential preconditions for accident-free operations

- the tool spindle must glide automatically into the top rest position during boring operations. This process ensues through the compensating mass

- the tool spindle must be capable of arrest at the highest position during milling operations. This requirement is met with the help of a retainer pin at the spindle guide. By means of removal and turning through 90º the pin no longer operates. This is necessary when switching to drilling operations

- the tool must evidence its highest setting within the protective device, the guard basket

- the guard basket must prevent the hands from touching the workpiece

- only use sharp tools. Blunt tools can cause accidents

- copying devices must include chucking elements for workpiece clamping. Handle grips are required

- persons with long hair must do on a head covering

- finger rings must be removed prior to commencing work operations

Figure 10 - Guard basket for operations on the routing machine