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close this bookChiping - Course: Technique for Manual Working of Materials. Instruction Examples for Practical Vocational Training
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View the documentInstruction example 10.1. Training workpieces for cutting-off chiselling
View the documentInstruction example 10.2. Case for safety goggles
View the documentInstruction example 10.3. Dog vice for sheet metal
View the documentInstruction example 10.4. Drilling support
View the documentInstruction example 10.5. Marking gauge


The present documentation comprises five selected instruction examples by means of which cutting-off and chipping chiselling can be exercised.

Apart from the introductory cutting-off exercise, workpieces are manufactured which can fulfill a special purpose in the workshop:

It is useful to fasten the case for the safety goggles beside drilling and grinding machines, the dog vice for sheet metal and the marking gauge complete the tool outfit of the trainee at his workplace, the drilling support can be used as supplement to the drilling machine accessories.

To facilitate the preparation and execution of the work the materials, hand tools, measuring and testing tools as well as accessories required for each instruction example are given.

Moreover, the previous knowledge is mentioned which is required for the individual exercises.

On the basis of the working drawing enclosed and the appertaining sequences of operations the workpieces can be manufactured.

Explanations as to material indication:

Marking of the steel is done with the value of tensile strength in the unit of "Megapascal" (MPa).