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View the document23.1. Technical terms of a stair
View the document23.2. Parts of a stair
View the document23.3. Calculating the number and size of steps
View the document23.4. Calculating the width of the stringers
View the document23.5. Marking out stringers
View the document23.6. Marking out top and bottom end of stringers
View the document23.7. Joining and assembling stairs
View the document23.8. Fixing stairs
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INTRODUCTION: This topic teaches students the technical terms of a stair, how to calculate the number of steps in a stair, the procedure of marking, cutting and assembling a stair, fixing stairs in a stairway and other types of stairs.


23.1. Students should be able to name all

23.2. parts of a stair with their technical terms.

23.3. Students should be able to calculate the number and sizes of steps.

23.4., 23.5., 23.6. Students should be able to calculate the width of the stringers, and to mark them out correctly.

23.7. Students should know how stringers and steps are joined and assembled correctly.

23.8. Students must be able to fix stairs properly.

23.9. Students should be able to explain why external must be different from internal stairs and the procedure for making external stairs.

METHOD: Stairs are quite difficult to make and you cannot teach it clearly without actually making the real tiling.

It is advised to wait with this topic until there Is an opportunity to demonstrate it by making a real stair.

Otherwise only the terms for the parts of a stair and the way to find the number and size of steps can be taught in the classroom.

NOTE: At the end of this lesson prepare a worksheet for students to complete as homework.

In general, stairways are usually a special section of the carpentry trade. Simple stairs are prepared on the job by a carpenter and these include verandah steps, external and internal stairs of minor importance.

The simplest form of stair is that consisting of only one flight, but this must be designed in the correct proportions for easy travel.