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A high percentage of electric energy is generated by coal power stations. In the years to come, the capacity of power stations will be increased to 2000 MW and more by installing power-station units of higher capacity (200 MW and more). One unit consists of the steam generator and turbine including the necessary parts and facilities of the installation. One power station normally comprises several power-station units. Advantages of higher generator capacity with stable power consumption are:

- less consumption of material for the power-station unit,
- higher efficiency factors,
- lower specific costs for generator and turbine,
- lower investment costs for the power plant,
- less personnel for operation and maintenance.

Disadvantages of bigger generators are:

- longer starting and run-down times,
- longer times required for stopping in slack periods,
- not suitable for peak-load power stations.

Types of power stations

- Water (hydroelectric) power stations (storage power stations, pumped storage power stations, run-of-river power stations)

- Climatological power stations (tidal power stations, solar power stations, wind driven power stations, geothermal power stations)

- Thermal power stations (gas turbine power stations, steam power stations, nuclear power stations, diesel power stations, magnetohydrodynamic (MHD) generators)

Share of power station types in the generation of electric energy

Table 1 Distribution of the daily load on the types of power stations on the network

industrial power stations, pumped storage power stations, diesel and gas turbine power stations
industrial power stations
thermal power stations, storage power stations thermal power stations, nuclear power stations, run-of-river power stations