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close this bookGrinding of Simple Tools - Course: Technique for Manual Working of Materials. Instruction Examples for Practical Vocational Training
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View the documentInstruction example 12.1. Centre punch and scribing punch
View the documentInstruction example 12.2. Steel scriber
View the documentInstruction example 12.3. Screw driver
View the documentInstruction example 12.4. Flat chisel and cape chisel
View the documentInstruction example 12.5. Drill with standard drill point as well as flat drill point and centre point


The present documentation comprise 5 selected instruction examples with additional versions by means of which the grinding of tools can be exercised.

The exercises should be carried out, on principle, on worn-out original tools, but possibilities for substituting such tools are mentioned as well if original tools are not available.

To facilitate the preparation and execution of the work, the materials, working tools, measuring and testing tools as well as accessories required for each instruction example are given. Moreover, the previous knowledge is mentioned which is necessary for the individual exercises.

On the basis of the working drawings enclosed and the appertaining sequences of operations the exercise pieces can be manufactured or worked.

Explanations to the working drawings:

The hardness of the tools is given to the hardness test with the Rockwell symbol "HRC" in connection with the unit of Rockwell. Marking of the characteristic pattern of the ground surface is shown on the working drawing in a circular detail representation.