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close this bookAttic Completion Work - Course: Timberwork Techniques. Instruction Examples for Practical Vocational Training
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View the documentPreliminary Remarks
View the documentInstruction Example 2.1.: Making Openings for Roof Superstructures in Existing Roofing
View the documentInstruction Example 2.2.: Making a Rafter Trimming
View the documentInstruction Example 2.3.: Making the Opening for the Roof Window to be Built in
View the documentInstruction Example 2.4.: Joining of the Parapet Transom
View the documentInstruction Example 2.5.: Joining of the Window Posts
View the documentInstruction Example 2.6.: Joining of the Lintel Transom
View the documentInstruction Example 2.7.: Joining of the String Transoms and Roof Rafters

Preliminary Remarks

The present booklet contains 7 selected instruction examples to show the manual skills a carpenter must have and logical considerations he must make to meet the requirements of this trade.

The individual instruction examples have been selected so that they can be separately practised and carried out.

The Instruction Examples 2.3. to 2.7. are successively based on each other with the whole complex representing the entire technological flow for joining an upright window roofed with lean-to dormer.

The working drawings show the cross sections and lengths of timbers to be used by the trainees for the relevant steps of work.

Instruction Example 2.7. clearly explains how to calculate the real timber lengths and the recess sizes in the event of different roof pitches.

The logical sequence of the necessary steps of work is given in each instruction example and shown in the respective working drawings.

The hand tools, measuring and testing means, auxiliary accessories, as well as previous knowledge required are also mentioned.