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Instruction Example 2.2.: Frame Piece

The narrow face of a ledge (see Instruction Example 2.1) is milled at an angle of 90° to the broad face.


Machined ledge from Instruction Example 2.1.


Smooth miller

Measuring and testing means

Solid steel squares, folding rule

Necessary previous knowledge

Reading of drawings, measuring and testing, “Manual Woodworking Techniques - Planing a Narrow Face by Hand”.

Sequence of operations


1. Set working width, set depth of cut, place material at disposal.

Check the safety devices, check the angle of the stop rule.

2. Switch on the machine.

Take notice of star-delta connection or direct connection, wear ear protectors.

3. Mill the frame piece on its narrow face guiding at the stop rule by hand.

The frame piece must closely sit with its broad face at the stop rule.

4. Check the milled narrow face.

The narrow face must be in the required angle to the broad face, lay one narrow face on top of the other, both must sit closely.

5. Switch off the machine.

Possible addition: Mill wooden parts of different dimensions on their narrow faces.