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close this bookAnnealing, Hardening, Tempering - Course: Working Techniques of Heat Treatment of Steel. Instruction Examples for Practical Vocational Training
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Introductory Remarks

The present material includes 6 instruction examples by means of which different common processes of heat treatment of unalloyed steels can be practised.

In this connection, the following processes are described in detail:

- soft annealing
- quenching
- interrupted hardening
- hot quenching
- casehardening
- tempering from inside
- tempering from outside

All the practising pieces can be produced in a locksmith's shop. The prefabricated practising pieces reach the required properties for use by means of the heat treatment process. In order to facilitate the preparation and execution of the works, the materials, tools and devices, as well as auxiliary accessories necessary for each of the instruction examples have been specified. Apart from the working diagrams attached, the sequences of operations have been described in short.

Hint on temperature data:

Temperature data specified in the sequences of operations and in the working diagrams are given in degrees centigrade.

The following conversion is valid when other units are used: