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close this bookCylindrical Turning and Face Turning - Course: Techniques for Machining of Material. Instruction Examples for Practical Vocational Training
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The present booklet contains 4 selected instruction examples which are intended to help practising and consolidating knowledge and skills acquired in the working technique "Cylindrical turning and face turning".

In order to facilitate the preparation and execution of the work, the necessary materials, cutting tools, measuring and testing tools and accessories are stated for each instruction example.

The steel is specified according to the value of its tensile strength in the unit "Megapascal" (MPa).

We also recommend knowledge required in addition to knowledge of cylindrical turning and facing which should be repeated before starting with the work.

The given technological sequence guarantees the production of parts of adequate quality. This sequence of operations should be strictly observed.

It is assumed that the correct cutting values for the entire work cycle have been calculated before.

The health and safety regulations have to be strictly adhered to. Respective hints are given in exceptional cases only under the heading "comments".

For each instruction example a working drawing is attached showing the required shapes and dimensions of the workpiece.

Explanations to the working drawings, if necessary, are given before the specification of the technological sequence of operations for the relevant instruction example.