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close this bookStraightening - Course: Technique of Working Sheet Metals, Pipes and Sections. Instruction Examples for Practical Vocational Training
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View the documentInstruction Example 15.1. Bendings and Bucklings
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View the documentInstruction Example 15.5. Dented and Corrugated Metal Sheets

Preliminary Remarks

This material contains 5 selected instruction examples by which different ways of straightening metal sheets, pipes and sections can be practised.

These exercises consist in straightening bent and buckled metal sheets, flat materials and square sections, distorted flat materials and square sections, bent angle sections and pipes as well as bulged and corrugated metal sheets.

The basic materials may be prepared in any size by being deformed according to the defects indicated in the working drawings.

In order to facilitate the preparation for and carrying out of the work, the required materials, tools, devices, measuring and testing instruments as well as auxiliary means are specified for each instruction example.

Moreover, the basic knowledge is mentioned which is required for the implementation of the tasks. On the basis of the working drawings and the relevant sequence of operations the exercises can be done independently.