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Instruction Example 15.3. Bent Angle Section

Practise the straightening of bent angle sections with the help of the locksmith's hammer and the welding torch.



Angle section (380 MPa) (1)

width of leg: 20 mm

length: 300 mm

Angle section (380 MPa) (2)

width of leg: 45 mm

length: 300 mm

Tools and devices

Locksmith's hammer, welding torch with accessories

Measuring and testing means

Surface plate, workshop ruler, steel rule

Auxiliary means

Straightening plate or anvil, bucket with cold water, a number of wool rags

Required previous knowledge

Manual material working: testing, hammering

Sequence of operations


1. Prepare the working place. Make available the working material.

- Check for completeness.

2. Put the unilaterally bent angle section on the straightening plate. Then, strike even hammer blows by the peen of the hammer on the upset side of the straight part to the end of the angle section.

- Part (1)

3. Check eveness on the surface plate or by the workshop ruler.

4. Put the angle section which is bent on both sides on a non-inflammable support with water-soaked wool rags on either side of the bent part.

- Part (2)

- Pay attention to fire protection!

- The wool rags prevent thermal diffusion.

5. Heat the bent part quickly to red-hot condition, then let it cool down slowly- the bending disappears automatically.

- Keep the wool rags wet!

- The welding torch is allowed to be operated only after instruction by the instructor.

6. Check eveness on the surface plate or by the workshop ruler, restraighten if required.

Bent Angle Section