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close this bookSetting-up and Operating of Regular Engine Lathes - Course: Techniques for Machining of Material. Instruction Examples for Practical Vocational Training
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Instruction example 1.1.: Handling the operation elements

The operation elements of a regular engine lathe shall be actuated and their functions be realized.

Required previous knowledge

Read the drawing.

Sequence of operations


1. Setting the rotational speed

Pay attention to the switching symbols, use existing rotational speed tables. Do switching exercises only with the machine at rest.

2. Setting the feed

Pay attention to the switching symbols. If required, change interchangeable gears (interchangeable gear calculation). Switch off the main switch before opening the gear box.

3. Setting the tool carrier with apron for cylindrical turning and/or thread cutting

Pay attention to differences in actuating the feed with thread cutting. Use the control shaft with long machines.

4. Setting the cross slide for surfacing

Pay attention to the possibilities of manual and automatic feed. Take notice of feed and change of diameter (scale).

5. Actuating the tool rest

Only manual feed possible.

6. Setting the lathe tool holder

Examine clamping jaw and/or drawbolts.

7. Actuating the tailstock

Fixing by tightening the clamping screw. Note adjustability, examine rubbing surfaces as to cleanliness.

8. Switching on the machine

Observe safety regulations. Close chuck protection. Do not leave the chuck key inside.

9. Switching off the machine

Do not stop the three-jaw chuck by hand.

Handling the operation elements