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close this bookThread Cutting by Dies and Taps - Course: Techniques for Machining of Material - Instruction Examples for Practical Vocational Training.
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This material presents four selected instruction examples for applying and consolidating knowledge and skills in “thread cutting by dies and taps”.

The necessary materials, tools, measuring and checking means, and accessories have been indicated for each instruction example to ease preliminary work and execution. In instruction example one the steel has been designated in “megapascal” (MPa) units.

Furthermore, basic knowledge which is required in addition to facts about “thread cutting by dies and taps” is set out. We recommend that all basic knowledge is repeated prior to commencing operations.

The respective work sequences feature all steps required to turn out a certain workpiece. Adhere to this sequence in order to attain good quality.

Each instruction example has attached a workshop drawing from which the desired shapes and dimensions of the workpiece can be determined. The following table shows dimensional deviations where no tolerances are involved:

Nominal dimension

Permissible deviation in mm

0.5 - 6

± 0.1

6 - 30

± 0.2

30 - 120

± 0.3

120 - 315

± 0.5