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Appendix A: Livestock staff bibliography and resource materials

There are 14 books listed that we are suggesting as references to be used by the livestock staff in preparing for and actually running a livestock training. The first five (5) texts that are listed are valuable to trainers in general, no matter which specific animals are being covered in their particular training. The remaining listings are specific to the animals they are listed under and should be selected based on which animals you are providing training on. We have listed the names of the various publishers for these texts in order to make locating them easier. In a stateside training one could contact a local bookstore or a university library for the needed information on ordering these texts or contact the publisher directly. For in-country training's it would be beat to contact I.C.E. and order these books in advance of training. Ordering a month before training is due to begin is a good idea so that ICE would have the needed lead-time to respond.

1. Feeds & Nutrition - Complete


by M.E. Ensminger & C.G. Olentine The Ensminger Publishing Co. 3699 E. Sierra Ave. Clovis, California 93612

Price: $60 - but well worth the money. Most complete text published on animal nutrition & feeds.

2. The Merck Manual of Veterinary Science Fifth Edition - 1979 Merck & Co., Inc. Rahway, N.J.

Price: $17 to $20 - Best manual available on disease diagnosis.

3. Keeping Livestock Healthy - A Veterinary Guide

Price: $10 -

by N. Bruce Haynes D.V.M - 1978 Garden Way Publishing Charlotte, Vermont

A laymans guide to working with animals - simpler language than the Merck manual - good diagrams & illustrations.

4. Improvement of Livestock Production in the Tropics by McDowell


5. Applied Animals Feeding & Nutrition by


M.H. Jurgens Third Edition - 1974 Kendall/Hunt Publishing Co. Dubuque, Iowa

Easy to read - information is in outline

6. The Nutrient Requirements of Swine, Eighth Edition 1979

The Nutrient Requirements of Rabbits, Second Edition - 1977

The Nutrient Requirements of Poultry, Seventh Edition - 1977

The Nutrient Requirements of Goats, First Edition - 1981

Office of Publications National Academy of Sciences 2101 Constitution Ave., NW. Washington, D.C. 20418

Price: $6 - $9 each - Excellent resource - highly recommended. Contains information of nutrient requirements in different stages of growth & production as well as nutrient feed values.



7. Poultry Science by M.E. Ensminger 1980 The Interstate Printers & Publishers Danville, Illinois Also available through I.C.E.

Complete text on raising all types of birds - not Just chickens. An excellent reference.

8. Nutrition of the Chicken by Scott, Nesheim, & Young Second Edition - 1976 M.L. Scott & Assoc. Ithaca, N.Y.

Good information on tropical

9. Poultry Production by Card & Nesheim Eleventh Edition - 1972 Lea & Febiger Philadelphia, PA.

Good information on nutrition disease. A complete text.



10. Goat Production in the Tropisc by Devendra & Burns 1970 Commonwealth Agricultural Bureaux Farmham, Bucks, England

Excellent text. Provides specifics to goat raising in all tropical zones of the world. Emphasis on meat goats as well.

11. The Role of Sheep & Goats In Agricultural Development 1976 Winrock International Center Morrilton, Arkansas

Good technical resource.

12. Dairy Goats - Breeding/Feeding/Management American Dairy Goat Assoc. Box 186 Spindale, N.C. 28160

Price: $2 each - More specific to dairy than goats. Good introduction but lacks detail.



13. Swine Science by M.E. Ensminger Fourth Edition - 1970 The Interstate Printers Danville, Illinois

Most complete text on swine production that I have seen. Written, however, for U.S. producers of swine.



14. Rabbit Production O.S.U. Rabbit Research Center Oregon State University Corvallis, Oregon

New text - Just published. Quite complete. Price: $12

Livestock publications to be distributed to the trainees:

The publications listed below are recommended to supplement the written guideline material already contained in the livestock training manual. Information is included concerning the contents & value of the text as well as where it can be obtained.



* 1. Raising Rabbits by Harlan D. Attfield VITA Inc. 19773706 Rhode Island Ave. Mt. Rainier, Maryland 20822

It is critical that this text be distributed to trainees receiving rabbit training. Our guidelines were written to complement this book and are quite incomplete without it. Price: $4 from VITA, but available free from P.C. I.C.E.

2. Raising Rabbits - The Modern Way - by Bob Bennett 1975 Garden Way Publishing Charlotte, Vermont 05445

Price: $5. Less valuable than the Vita text. Geared to production in the States.



* 3. Practical Poultry Raising by Ken French ICE Manual #M11. Available through P.C. I.C.E.

It is critical that this text be distributed to trainees receiving training. Our guide lines were written to complement this text and are quite incomplete without it.

4. New Methods Pay with Poultry by McArdle and Panda ICE Manual #R30.

Written primarily for India. A good reference text but less valuable than Practical Poultry Raising.

5. Salsbury Manual of Poultry Diseases Available through I.C.E. or: Salsbury Laborotories Charles City, Iowa 50616

Price: Free from ICE or $2 each from Salsbury . An excellent tool in disease diagnosis, prevention, & treatment. Many color plates & pictures of diseased birds.

(* As noted above these two (2) books directly complement our guidelines and must be included or the training technical package will be incomplete. It is best to order these books one month before the beginning of training.)



6. Small-Scale Pig Raising by Dirk Van Loon 1978 Available through ICE or through Garden Way Publishing Charlotte, Vermont

Price: $6 from Garden Way Good diagrams and pictures. A good complement to our guide lines.



7. Dairy Goats - Breeding/Feeding/Management by Byron Colby American Dairy Goat Assoc. Box 186 Spindale, N.C. 28160

8. Aide to Goatkeeping by Carl A. Leach Eighth Edition 1974, also available through I.C.E. Tiger Press Columbia, Missouri 65201

9. Raising Milk Goats - The Modern Way by Jerry Belanger Garden Way Publishing 1975 Charlotte, Vermont

All three (3) of these books are good general information sources. However, all of them were written for production work in the United States and none contain detailed information on working with goats in the tropics or Third World countries.