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Appendix B: List of supplies

Physical shelter is needed for the animals, either a large barn or large huts. This is needed to house all the animals to be used in the training and should be in place prior to training. Construction work should be made to include cages, pens, stalls, milking platforms, stanchions, mangers, waterers, feeders, nesting boxes, brooders, and farrowing crates. The animals should be on hand and housed when the trainees arrive (except the day old chicks).

General Materials for Livestock Training:


- Pigs, chickens, ducks, goats, & rabbits

- Floor litter (straw or sawdust)

- Various animals feeds

- Kerosene lamp and kerosene

- Rope, buckets, and fencing

- Feed scales, feed scoops

- Lumber (2x4s, plywood, etc.)

- Feed storage drums

- Buck knife and stone

- Shovel, pitchfork, & broom

- Hammers, saws, square, and level

- Water hose, wire, & chickenwire

- Nails, pliers, and watering can

- Thermometer & Anal Thermometer

- Scissors



Veterinary Kit Materials


- Tetracycline

- Disinfectant (topical)

- Penicillin

- Sprayer or watering can

- Streptomycin

- Alcohol

- Injectable vitamins

- Thread and needles

- Malathion (5% UP & 50% liquid)

- Deworming medicine (Atgard or Piperazine)

- Wound spray


- Razor blades

- Injectable iron

- Oxytocin

- Indelible ink

- Iodine

- Coccidiostat

- Toe nail clippers

- Vegetable oil

- Combiotic

- Fowl Pox vaccine (with applicator)

- Syringes


- 18 & 20 gauge needles

- Newcastle vaccine

Ruminants - Goats

- Hay or grass

- Pasture

- Mixed feeds 16% CP (dairy)

- Salt block

- Feed ingredients (samples on bulk)

- Deworming boluses

- Mastitis test kits

- Mastitis treatment

- Halters

- Tethering chain and snap hooks