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Energy for a Better Life

INforSE Campaign Paper on Sustainable Energy and Social Development. Presented on the Social Summit, 12 p., free, 1995.

Sustainable Energy and Social Development

Proceedings of INforSE Campaign Workshop, 300 p., DKK 200, 1995.

Combining Sustainable Energy Development & Employment Strategies + Examples of Job Generating Environmental Activities in Denmark

Background papers for INforSE - Europe Campaign. By Gunnar B. Olesen, 60p., DKK 80 incl. postage, 1995.

Contact: INforSE

Solar Electricity

Engineering of Photovoltaic Systems by Eduardi Lorenzo, Institute of Solar Energy Polytechnic University of Madrid. Photovoltaic solution as an alternative is reviewed. Past, present market and future scenarios. Technical chapters included. Spanish and English versions, 316p 1994.

Contact: PROGENSA, Avda. Republica Argentina, 1,41011 Sevilla Spain.

Manuals on financial Engineering and Business Planning for Energy Efficiency Projects

53p + 23p, 1994.

Contact: United Nations Economic Commissionfor Europe, Palais de Nations,1211 Geneva 10, Switzerland..

Rethinking Development Assistance for Renewable Electicaty

See article p. 12 by Keith Kozioff, Olalokumbo Shobowale 57p, 1994.

Why Climate Policy-makers Can't Afford to Overlook Fully Flourinated Compounds by Elisabeth Cook, 1995.

New Partnerships in the Americas, The spirit of Rio 1994

85 innovative partnership. Commissioned by USAID and WRI. Involved 200 organisat. for the Summit of the Americas. By New Partnership Work Gr. of USAID and WRI, 106p 1994.

Contact: World Resource Institute, 1709 New York Avenue, N.W. Washington DC 20006 USA. Phtfax: +1202 63863-001-36.

Energy Policy in the Greenhouse, Volume II Part 3C: Low-Carbon Fossil Power Generation

The Cost and Potential of Cogeneration and High-Efficiency Central Stations, by Florentin Krause and Jonathan Koomey The 10 pan study has 1300 pages, 300 figures. Each part costs $ 50, discount for non-OECD countries, 1994.

Contact: IPSEP 7627 Leviston Avenue, El Cerrito, CA 94530 USA. Phifax: +1-510-525-753014446.

Prospects for the Expansion of Solar PV Technology in the Developing World

Financial mechanisms and technology transfer optimization by Daniele Guidi and Leonado Barozzi 50p 1993.

Contact: WWE Energy & Resource Unit Via Salaria, 290, 00199 Rome Italy. Ph/fax:+39-6-84131-981-37

Energy Strategies - Strategies Energetiques

Between the Risks of Nuclear and Greenhouse Effect. French proceedings with English summary of April 8-10 1994 SENAT hearings in Paris 240p, 1994.

Contact: INESTENE, 5, rue Buot, 75013 Paris, France. Phifax:+33-145-6508081~97357.

Independent NGO Evaluations of National Plans for Climate change Mitigation:

- OECD Countries, Jan.1995

- Central and Eastern Europe, first review, Jan.1995

Contact: Climate Network Europe,44 rue du Taciturne, 1040 Bruxelles, Belgium, ph:+32-2-2310180,fax:+32-2-2305713.

Nuclear Power, no case for new build

A summary of the evidence submitted to the UK Government's nuclear review. 9p. Dec. 1994.

Contact: Nuclear Free Local Authorities, Town House, Manchaster, Ph / fax: 44-61234 33241-8864.

Energy and Socioeconomic Indicators in the European Community.

By Joaquim Corominas et. al.,

Contact: Universita Autonoma de Barcelona, Departament de Geografia, 08193 Bellaterra, Spain, ph/fax:+34-3-581-15271- 2001.


Baltic-Nordic Network on Sustainable Energy

Email newsletter published by The Swedish NGO Secretariat on Acid Rain. Channel for communication among NGOs in Nordic and Baltic countries and North West Russia.

Editor: Dag A. Hoystad, Dausgt.16, 0259 0slo, Norway, ph:+4722562002, fax:+47-2256840, email:

Sustainable London

Quaterly. Newsletter of the London Agenda 21 Network, 2nd issue: Winter 94/95.

Contact: Rosa Bridger, London Ecology Centre, 45 Shelton Street, Covent Garden London WC29HJ, UK.

Ph/fax: 44-7137943241-8334.


European Environment Protection Newsletter

Newsletter targeting Central and Eastern Europe. 1st edition: May 1994.

Contact: Victor Thome, East West Environment, 21 Tower Street, London WC2H SINS, UK.

Ph/fax:+44-71379356-31-4, email:eweuk@gn.

SCI, Solar Cookers International

Quarterly newsletter, From the contents: Solar cooking usefulness check list; organisational membership list; who is who in solar cooking; calling for volunteers.

Contact: 1724 11th Street, Sacramento California 95814 USA. Ph/fax: 1-916-444-66161-5379