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Papers Prepared for Workshop

A. H. ABDOU WHO/AFRO Programme Proposal for Control of

Dracunculiasis in the African Region

JOSHUA D. ADENIYI Health Education Strategies for the Control of


DONALD BELCHER Opportunities for Control of Dracunculiasis:

Transmission and Epidemiology

HERBERT M. GILLES Dracunculiasis

H. DOUGLAS HUDGINS Protection of Water Supplies for the Control and Prevention of Guinea

Worm Disease

OLADELE O. KALE Epidemiology of Dracunculiasis in Nigeria

FO-KODJOVI KLOUTSE Village Waterworks and the Fight Against Dracunculiasis in Togo

S. K. LITVINOV and Dracunculiasis: History of the Discovery of the Intermediate Host and

A. YA. LYSENKO the Eradication of Foci of Invasion in the USSR

FERGUS McCULLOUGH Cyclopoid Copepods: Their Role in the Transmission and Control of


RALPH MULLER The Life Cycle of Dracunculus medinensis

ROBERT A. MYERS Social and Cultural Aspects of Guinea Worm Eradication

J. PROD 'HON and Epidemio-geographic Data on Dracunculiasis in French-speaking West


E. F. QUASHIE Water Supply and Other Environmental Aspects of Guinea Worm Control,

Including Observations on the Opportunities for Implementation of Control

Activities in Ghana

C. K. RAO Epidemiology of Dracunculiasis in India

MATTHEW H. SHULMAN On Correlations between Dracunculiasis and Malnutrition: The Use of

Nutritional Indicators in the Evaluation of Dracunculiasis Abatement Programs

WILLIAM WARD The Impact of Dracunculiasis on the Household: The Challenge of