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INforSE Campaign activities

March 27, 1995

(foals for Berlin, NGO-conference of Climate Action Network

Info: Klimaforum, Behrenstr. 23, Berlin, D10117. Ph/fax:+49-30-202-2030/-20333.

Apri1 1-8, 1995

The Greenhouse Gathering,

Energy topics April 5, renewable energy exhibition bus. Organized by youth networks

Info: The Climate is Right for a Change - Campaign, Celebesstraat 80,1094 Amsterdam, The Netherlands, ph/fax :+31-20-6932024.

April 10-12, 1995

2nd General Assembly & Seminar on Financing Energy Efficiency Projects, Istanbul, Turkey

Info: The World Energy Efficiency Association. Fax: +1-202-797-6573, email:info@`

April 23,1995

Sun Day'95 in US

May 1-3,1995*

Inter Action Annual Forum, Washington DC, USA

Rethinking Development: New Partnership for a New Century.

Info: Linda Helm Krapf, Consortium of Sustainable Energy Networks Intemational, Ph/fax: 1908-876-9698/-5030, email:

May 15,1995

Climate Action Day: The Climate is Right for A Change

Info: EYFA or A SEED, PO Box 62066, NL1090 AB Amsterdam. Ph/fax: +31-20-6657743/0166.

May 17118,24 May, 1995

Solare energie und Architekture Losungansatze fur Architekten und Ingenieure, Freiburg

Info: S. Nowak, Weiterbildung in Okologie, Universitat Freiburg, Koordnationstelle Umweltwissenschaften, Perolles, CH- 1700 Freiburg.

May 21-26,1995

Rural Electrification with Renewable Energy Technologies, South Hampton, UK

Info: Anthony Derrick, The British Council, 10 Spring Gardens, London SW1A 2BN UK. Ph/fax: + 44-71389-4264/-4154.

June 19-24, 1995*

European Sustainable Energy Seminar & INforSE -Europe Annual Meeting, Budmenice near Bratislava, Slovakia

Info: INforSE Europe

June 23-26, 1995.

OKO'95 Messe, Germany

Info: Landesverband Baden-Wurtenberg e. V. Dunanstrsse 16, D-79110 Freiburg, Germany. Ph/fax: +49-761-88595-01-90.

June 18,1995

SUNDAY'95 Throughout UK

Info: UK-ISES, 192 Franklin Road, Birrningham, B30 2HE, UK. Ph/fax:+44-1214591 248/8206.

June 18-21,1995

3rd European Conf. on Energy-Emcient Lighting, Newcastle upon Tyne, UK

Info: Right Light Three, Carliol House, Market Street, Newcastle upon Tyne, NEI ONE, UK. Ph/fax: 44-9123528-01/-98.

June 29 - July 1,1995

Rebuilding the European City, Integration of Renewable Energies in

Urban Structures, Corfu, Greece

Info: A. Alamanos, ANEDK, 3, Kaloheretou street GR-49100 Corfu Greece. Ph/fax:+ 30661 -25708/-36257

July 19-21,1995

Conference of British Wind Energy Association, London UK

Info: BWEA, Lincoln's Inn House, 42 Kingsway, London WC2B 6EX, UK. Ph/fax:+441 7 1 404343-3/-2.

August 21 - September 3,1995

4. ASEAN Science and Technology Week, Central Plaza Hotel, Bangkok, Thailand

Info: Wanasri Samanasena, National Research Council of Thailand, 196 Paholyodhin Road, Bangkok 10900, Thailand, ph: +66-2-579 2285, fax:+66-2-561 3049.

September 9-16,1995*

ISES Solar World Congress '95, In Search of the Sun. Harare, Zimbabwe. With workshop of INforSE Eastern and Southern Africa

Info: P.O.Box 2851, Harare, Zimbabwe. Ph/fax: +2634-730-707/-700 /INforSE - Eastem and Southem Africa.

October 9-12, 1995

Water & Energy 2001, Int. R&D Conf. New Delhi, India

Info: C.V.J.Vamna, CBI&P Malcha Marg, Chanakyapuri, New Delhi-110021, India. Ph/fax: 1 1-301-5984/-6347,

Email: cbip~cbipdel.uunenin.

October2-4. 1995

Int. Conf. on Engineering and Urban Sustainability Beyond 2000, Budapest, Hungary

Info: P.Steingaszner, Secretary WEPS D Hungarian Branch. c/o MTESZ Kossuth Lajos ter 6-8, H-1055 Budapest Hungary.

October 23-27,1995

13th European PV Solar Energy Conf. & Exhib. Nice, France

Info: WIP, Sylvensteinsu 2, D-81369 MUnchen, Gemmany. Ph: +49-897-2012-32/-91.

November 20-24, 1995

Int. Africa Conference: Sustainable Energy for Development, MaputoMozambique

Languages: English and Portuguese.

Info: Jose de Abreau, AITP, AY. Amilcar Cabral 212, PO Box 1574, maputo, Mozambique. Ph/fax: +2581-4759-38140.

November 20-24,1995

Int. Symposium: Energy, Env., Economics, Victoria, Australia

Info: Faculty of Engineering, University of Meiboume, Parkville, Australia, 3052.

June 3-7,1996

Energex '96, Beijing, China

The 6th Inl. Energy Forum. Energy Strategies in Developing Countries in the 21st Centery: Challenges and Opportunities.

Info: Meng Xiangan, China Solar Energy Society, 3 Huayuan Road, Beijing 100083, China. Ph/fax: +86- 1 -201-7009/-28X0.

June 3-14, 1996

Habitat II: UN Conference on Human Settlements, Istanbul, Turkey

Info: UN Centre for Human Settlements, Room DC2-0943, United Nations, New York, NY 10017, USA. Fax: +1-212-963-8721.

June 15-21 1996

World Renewable Energy Congress IV, Denver, Colorado, USA

Info: A.A.M. Sayigh, WREN, 147 Hilmanton, Lower Earley, Reading RG6 4HN, UK. Ph/fax: +44-1734 61136-4/-5

July I -8, 1996*

The City as an Organisme, Urban Ecology Now and in the Future, Copenhagen, Denmark

Conference and exhibitions on sustainable energy & urban environmental solutions Part of Cultural City in Copenhagen 1996.

Info: OVE, Blegdamsvej 4, 2200 Copenhagen N. Denmark, ph:+45-35373565, fax: +4535373676.