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close this book Development as Unleashing Potential Efforts : the Bhagavatula Charitable Trust (BCT) of Yellamanchili in Andhra Pradesh (1995)
close this folder Section 2 BCT - its organisation and functioning
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2.1 GOAL - setting and modification process


BCT feels that its beneficiaries are preoccupied with the effort to satisfy their own immediate needs and as such their horizon is limited to immediate vicinity and immediate future. BCT feels that its beneficiaries needs to be helped to formulate long term goals and objectives, first, for their own individual families. Even though much discussion about and modification of activities take place based on such discussions, much of the goal setting and modification takes place without direct participation of beneficiaries.

"BCT’s philosophy is to develop human resources by developing the physical ones - Our projects are just facades to reach the people," says Dr Rao," tremendous resources, both physical and human, are lying wasted in the villages."

BCT, as a trust, originated from the idea of a single individual who tried to gather individuals of similar mind and development ideology to have a collective organisational form to provide services which are expected to unleash potential of human and natural resources in a specified area that benefits the populace at large. It is also born out of the feeling that development efforts of State in the area are not resulting in the desired results as people are expected simply to assume a passive role and programmes are not designed to help individuals utilise whatever resources they have at their command.

BCT tries to co-opt prominent persons, who are sympathetic to its cause, in the expectation of increasing its prestige and of their meaningful contribution to strengthening its ability to raise resources and use them effectively for the purposes.