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close this book Development as Unleashing Potential Efforts : the Bhagavatula Charitable Trust (BCT) of Yellamanchili in Andhra Pradesh (1995)
close this folder Section 2 BCT - its organisation and functioning
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2.5 An organisation in perpetual transition


The central hub around which BCT and its activities revolved is provided by the person and personality of Dr Parameswara Rao. This became all the more so because the other elements of BCT are constantly changing ones. Other persons who stayed long enough to establish an identity of their own are Dr Kanna Rao, who looks after BCT farms and Shri YR Reddy, who worked earlier in exploring ground water resources and is currently looking after Child Labour Rehabilitation Programme. These two names, along with that of Dr Parameswara Rao, are strongly associated with BCT.

There are numerous others who made their contributions, may be only for a short while or in areas which are not directly visible. The members of its general body and governing body also seem to change, apart from a small core. This is equally or more true of its staff too. "Introduction of provident fund and gratuity benefits reduced the turnover of middle level staff especially of Community Organisers a bit," explained Shri Raghava Rao, who himself worked as a Community Organiser and is presently looking after training services of BCT.

Frequent changes in the people entrusted with key functions in the organisation, gives a feeling of constant change and does not help in building and nurturing stable dependable relationships between the organisation and the beneficiaries with whom it is working. This is evident from the strong association of BCT with Dr Rao, who provided the necessary linkages between the past and present and who is at the centre coordinating and directing the efforts of several individuals who appeared briefly on the scene of action making their contributions.