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Preface and acknowledgments

The Agricultural Development Worker's Training Manual has been developed for Peace Corps by A. L. ] and Associates, Inc. (ALNA). A draft of the manual wee prepared under contract with CHP International, Inc. in December 1981. This final version reflects revision and pilot use of the manual by ALNA during three cycles of agricultural training for future Peace Corps Volunteers at PENN Center in Frogmore, South Carolina.

ALNA is anxious to receive feedback on the manual from users so that future changes can be most responsive to the needs of the Peace Corps training community. Comments should be sent to:

A. L. Nellum and Associates, Inc.

Peace Corps Training Project c/o PENN Center

P.O. Box 126

Frogmore, South Carolina 29902

Many people contributed to this manual. Primary responsibility for the development of the document has been shared by the core staff of the training program: David Leonard, Senior Crops Trainer; Neil Bacon, Senior Livestock Trainer; Peter Menard, Senior Core Curriculum Trainer; Louise Nelson, Senior Curriculum Development Specialist; and Michael Gibbons, Project Director.

Training staff members who participated in the agricultural training program and who helped with the first and second versions are: Isa Abdul-Ghani, Susan Altshuler, Margaret Brown, Janet Ekey, Klaus Klawitter, Karen Leban, Joe McDommick, David Peters, Rick Record, Alethea Rudd, Donna Ruscavage, Carmine Russo, Rick Schroeder, Freddie Smith, Ray Spriggs, Susan Steinburg, and Valerie Stetson.

Martin J. Blank and Paul Purnell served as co-Project Managers at ALNA headquarters.

Julia Simmons worked extraordinary hours at PENN Center typing the manuscript. She was assisted by Barbara White, Kim Thorne, and Ronnie Gold in the ALNA home office. Further support in the production of the manual was provided by Annette McLane, L. Louise Altes, and Jim Altes.

We wish to acknowledge the support of our Peace Corps Project Manager, Calvina Dupre, as well as other Peace Corps staff members, Franklin Moore and Dan Edwards.

Acknowledgment also is due the following publications from which we learned and borrowed: The Farallones Institute/CHP International publication, Training Manual in Appropriate Community Technology, 1980, and Peace Corps' Trainers' Guide for Basic Health Training for All Peace Corps Volunteers (OPTC), 1978, and Peace Corps' Core Curriculum Training Manual Series.

A special thank you goes to Emory Campbell, Executive Director of PENN Center, who provided an ideal environment for the testing and revision of the manual.

Finally, and most importantly, we wish to thank the more than 150 Peace Corps trainees who have participated in the Agricultural Development Worker' a training program over the past two years and whose energy and initiative have given life to the experience that has formed this manual.

A. L. Nellum and Associates, Inc. Washington, D.C.

December 1982