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Session 3. Project #1: Design & production 3.0


Team ideas for Project #1 will be critiqued and discussed. Designs will be modified as indicated and final artwork completed in preparation for the community pretest.


Participants will learn to give and take constructive criticism. Teams will complete Project #1 and pretest it in the community with a sample audience.


sketches, storyboards, and scripts developed during Session 2 list of design considerations (from Session 1, Activity 1.4)

newsprint and felt pens

art supplies as required

evaluation forms (handout 3.4.1)



1) Post list of design considerations where all participants can see it clearly.

2) Reproduce evaluation forms for each team to use at their pretest.



Estimated Time

3.1 Preliminary Critique & Discussion

60 minutes

3.2 Design Modification


*** Merienda


3.3 Finished Artwork


3.4 Homework Assignment: Pretest Project #1



180 minutes