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Handout 3.4.1 - Evaluation of activity (Supplementary learning materials)



Community Group__________________Location__________________

Number of people in attendance__________________

Activity__________________Materials used__________________

1. What did facilitator do? (Check appropriate items)

Listened and asked questions__________________

Guided the meeting__________________

Stimulated and encouraged discussion__________________

Had community members use materials__________________

Summarized issues and opinions__________________

Other: __________________

2. What was the participation of group members?

Took an active role in the activity__________________

Answered questions__________________

Made observations__________________

Shared ideas and experiences__________________

Discussed a problem or felt need__________________

Showed enthusiasm__________________

Other: __________________

3. Level of group participation__________________

A few______________About half______________Most of the group______________

4. What comments/suggestions were made by the group about the materials used and/or the presentation strategy? __________________