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3.4 Homework assignment: Pretest project #1

10 Minutes


1) Teams will report the time and place of their scheduled pretest to the facilitator and their colleagues. Facilitator (and as many other participants as possible) should arrange to observe all pretests.

2) Facilitator will describe the pretest technique. A volunteer should write the steps on the chalkboard or a large piece of paper for participants to copy down.

Introduce the activity: Introduce yourself to the audience. Explain that you are trying out some new material that you are developing in a workshop. Tell the audience that you would like to have their honest response to the visual aids and presentation strategies that you will be using.

Carry out the activity: Team members should take turns facilitating the pretests so that everyone has an opportunity to practice this role. Team members not directly involved with the presentation should observe and take notes on the presentation technique and audience reaction.

Evaluate the activity: After completing the presentation, ask the audience the following questions:

What did you learn from this presentation?

What did you like or dislike about the presentation? Why?

Was there anything you didn't understand? What?

How can the visuals and/or presentation be improved?

Are there any additional comments you would like to make?

REMEMBER: Ask open-ended questions that require an

opinion, an explanation, or a description of feelings. Avoid questions that can be answered YES or NO.

3) Facilitator will distribute evaluation forms to each team.

4) Teams should rehearse/roleplay their presentation before the actual pretest to be sure they are well prepared and that the presentation will run smoothly.

5) Carry out the pretest as scheduled.