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4.2 Project #2: Brainstorming & evaluation

50 Minutes


1) Following the procedure established in Session 2, participants should group themselves in teams and engage in a brainstorming session to generate as many ideas as possible for Project #2. They should spend no more than 10 minutes on this activity.

2) After they have generated eight to ten possible solutions, the ideas should be discussed and evaluated in terms of:

• appropriateness to subject, occasion, and audience

• manageability of both production and use

• sensitivity to customs and traditions of target audience

• originality

• cost effectiveness

Creative concepts should be modified and refined throughout this evaluation process.

3) Based on their evaluation, teams should select one idea to develop visually and editorially.

4) Alternatively, team members may elect to reproduce and/or adapt an appropriate activity described in the manual, MAKING & USING VISUAL AIDS.

* * * * * TEN MINUTE MERIENDA * * * * *