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5.5 Homework assignment: Pretest project #2

5 Minutes


1) Teams will report the time and place of their scheduled pretest for Project #2 to the facilitator and their colleagues. Facilitator should observe all pretests.

2) Facilitator will review pretest techniques with participants.

• Ask a volunteer to name the first step in conducting a pretest.

• Ask a second volunteer to describe the procedure.

• Ask yet another workshop participant what is the second step.

• A fourth person should be asked to describe the responsibilities of non-presenting members of the team.

• Finally, ask participants how they will evaluate their team's presentation to the community. What kinds of questions will they ask?

REMEMBER: Avoid YES and NO questions. Ask open-ended questions that require opinions, explanations, and descriptions of feelings.

3) Distribute evaluation forms to each team.

4) Remind teams that they should rehearse/role play their presentations prior to the pretest so that they will feel at ease and well prepared when they face their target audience.

5) Teams will carry out the pretest for Project #2 as scheduled.