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Trainers/ facilitators

This program requires one well rounded experienced forestry technical trainer, one human interaction/process trainer and one administrative/technical trainer. If more than one country is involved an additional co-trainer is desirable.

Sometimes during the small group activities, several of the small groups will need the assistance of facilitators, especially if the group is having difficulty. During small group activities, trainers also gather assessment data. once an activity is explained and the exercise started, the facilitators "float" from group to group to assure that the activity is moving smoothly and to see if help is necessary. One person cannot cover all the groups effectively. It is essential to have the support of another facilitator for handling problem situations.

The trainers are the key to the training program. They create the atmosphere, set the tone and help participants achieve maximum benefit from the activities. However, in the introductory session, the trainers should make it clear to the participant; that each person will get out of the training program whatever he/she puts into it.