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Developing countries should be encouraged to establish farming systems that provide a combination of chop production enterprises with livestock production enterprises. Each individual enterprise must be adapted to the local environmental conditions, but also must fit into a system that <a feasible under the social and economic conditions that prevail. The advantages of well designed systems must be to improve the profitability for the practicing farmers and herdsmen.

Not only should each crop and livestock enterprise be field tested to prove its suitability but there should be pilot testing of combined systems to demonstrate their practicability and effects on net farm income. More dependable productivity and more stable incomes for farmers are essential to nations that are striving for self sufficiency in food production, both in quantity and nutritional quality. In most developing countries, meeting food goals by national production in superior to a continuing rise in food imports.

Leon F. Hesser


Office of Agriculture

Technical Assistance Bureau

Agency for International Development

Washington, D. C . 20523