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About the authors

Miriam Hansen is an RN, who worked as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Colombia for two years. Her job assignment was that of a nursing care coordinator in three health facilities. The majority of her time was spent at a 25-bed hospital located in a low-income area of Bogotá, Colombia's capitol. Among other things, she worked with midwives. She also delivered 105 babies. In addition, Ms. Hansen was involved in other areas of maternal and child health and the training and supervision of paramedical personnel.

Karen King has a B.S. in Education and is certified by a Recognized Training Center of the International Childbirth Education Association as a childbirth educator. She has been a La Leche League Leader and childbirth educator for five years; both in the United States and Colombia. Ms. King has had articles published in the newsletters of both the La Leche League and International Childbirth Education Association.

Barbara Lee has a B.S. in Home Economics. She has worked as a nutritionist for the Browning Public Schools on the Blackfeet Indian Reservation in Browning, Montana. In Montana and Colombia, Ms. Lee assisted in teaching childbirth education classes. When she was a Peace Corps Volunteer, she worked as a home economist for the Paraguayan Agricultural Extension Service. Ms. Lee also illustrated this manual.