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Part III Third prenatal class review

Spend 5 to 10 minutes at the beginning of class checking each mother individually to see how well she is relaxing; give a few commands for her to respond to and observe her deep breathing technique. Tell her to "Stop Pushing! " during one practice contraction and be sure to praise her efforts. A brief review of the signs of labor and the values of breastfeeding should get the class off to a pleasant start.

When a woman enters the hospital or clinic in labor, she feels a certain amount of anxiety even if she has already had a baby. If she has the opportunity to visit the maternity ward before labor begins, she will be less disturbed when she arrives there in labor. Perhaps at the end of this class session the mothers who have not delivered there before could see the labor and delivery room equipment. It is important to explain the items clearly and simply, being sure to allow enough time to answer any questions thoroughly.