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E. Determining program support needs

The determination of program support needs, following the procedure set forth in Peace Corps Training Guidelines: The Program and Training Loop and a Systematic Approach to Training, can be broken down to tour steps:

• Fiscal Preconditions , i. e. , finances needed.

• Material Preconditions including whatever supplies, foals, equipment, and materials are necessary for the program.

• Personnel Preconditions including the supervisory, counterpart, and support personnel needed by the Volunteer program.

• Attitudinal Preconditions required in the client population and government support agencies to foster acceptance of program activities and initiatives.

The following preconditions checklist is provided as an example for a grain storage ore-extension program.




1. Gather quantifiable data on traditional and improved storage methods presently in use to identify the most appropriate methods.

1. Access to farmers

2. Farmer interest

3. Portable moisture meter

4. Laboratory master moisture meter *See Section L

5. Portable scale

6. Cooperation of lab personnel

7. Insect identification chart

8. Sample collection bottles

9. Record book and evaluation forms

10. Bicycle or motor bike, access to repairs for transport, host country purchase and maintenance of transport

2. Teach and supervise insecticide application in trial bins .

1. Cooperative extension agents

2. Cooperative farmers

3. Support of Grain Protection Bureau to order and transport insecticides

4. Supply of insecticides

5. Insecticide duster

6. Hand sprayer

7. Burlap bags

8. Posters and instructional materials

3. Construct improved storage bins and solar dryer or trial demonstration.

1. Accessible, cooperative farmers willing to share costs

2. Cement, sand, gravel

3. Plastic sheeting

4. Transport for above

5. Shovel

6. Cement trowel

7. Hammer and nails

8. Wooden cement forms

9. Wood saw

10. Tape measure