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VI. Diagnosis - Symptoms and testing in HD

If there is one diagnosis that should not be established, unless there is absolute certainty, it is that of leprosy. If there is the slightest doubt in the diagnosis of a case of leprosy, the patient should be put under observation until further evidence confirms the disease, so avoiding the psychological, social and material damage which would be unnecessarily involved in the event of an incorrect diagnosis.

As HD presents a bewildering spectrum of symptoms, this chapter aims to 1) present the cardinal signs of HD, 2) discuss the major symptoms of HD by site on the body. 3) give the differential diagnosis of HD symptoms, 4) outline procedure for patient examination and testing in its technical and Korean language complexities.

As stated in the section regarding the job responsibilities, it is the MTL not the pare-medical worker who will make all diagnostic decisions and order all tests. With that well in mind, this chapter is designed to give some insights into the complexities of the MTL's problems, and arm the PCV with so healthy a respect for the multiform appearances of the disease as to make him invulnerable to the temptation of diagnosing HD on his own.