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Water source

Factors to be considered in the selection of a water source include the following:

a. Purity of the source.

b. Proximity of the source to the community

c. Altitude of source above service connections

d. Temperature variations of water from the source.

Guide to choosing a source:

a. First choice, a source that

- requires no treatment

- uses gravity for distribution energy

- requires minimum maintenance

- is cheap to develop

- e.g. springs

b. Second choice, that which

- requires no treatment

- but must be pumped out and into the supply lines.

- e.g. wells.

c. Third choice, that which

- requires simple treatment

-uses gravity for distribution energy

- e.g. catchment cisterns.

d. Fourth choice, that which

- requires simple treatment

- must be pumped

- e.g. rivers