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PART 4 Gaining the support of those with influence

The previous sections have looked at emotions and sensitive issues as they affect health promoters and the communities in which they work, and at how they can be taken into account in health promotion. This final section focuses on individuals and groups who can influence health promotion efforts in a positive or a negative way. A term increasingly used for such individuals is that of "gatekeepers". The papers in this section consider a number of different groups, and discuss how health promoters can work with them as allies.

Graham Collier and Kevin Donnelly draw on the experience of the New South Wales Department of Education in implementing a school education programme. They describe the goals of the programme, which aimed to introduce teaching about AIDS into schools, and list three kinds of groups that were found to influence the process: parents and community groups, religious groups, and special interest groups, such as medical practitioners and people with AIDS. They discuss how a working relationship was developed with these groups, and give information on preparation and teaching within the schools.

Jake Obetsebi-Lamptey describes how people working first on the promotion of family planning, and later on AIDS prevention, realized that progress would be slow and difficult unless all members of the Government were informed and motivated. They decided to make a film for that specific target group, in order to enlist its support.