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Nutrient data banks in the other nordic countries

Nutrient data banks in the other nordic countries


In Denmark there are about 15 nutrient data-base systems. The official system was developed by the National Food Agency and is available on microcomputers in the agency and from the computer centres of the universities of Copenhagen and Aarhus. This system is mainly used for nutrition surveys and is now being completely revised. In the future it will include data on about 100 nutrients and many non-nutrients for approximately 10,000 food items.

Another agency system, DANKOST, suited for nutrition calculation and planning of diets, was developed for microcomputers in 1985.

The Agriculture Computer Centre and the Danish Academy of Engineering are other organizations which own nutrient data-base systems. Several hospitals have systems for menu planning and diet analysis, one of which was developed by the Danish Hospital Institute. At the moment hospitals in the Copenhagen area are developing computer-based menu planning systems. Educational systems for different school levels have been made available by the Ministry of Education. Small systems for weight reduction are also in use.

Table 2. Nutrient data banks in the Nordic countries: Finland, 1985

System owner The State Catering Centre The Dept. of Nutrition, University of Helsinki The Rehabilitation Research Centre The National Public Health Institute
Address Boks 332 SF-00531 Helsinki 53 Finland SF-00710 Helsinki Finland Pettolavagen 3, SF-20720 ABO Finland The Social insurance Institute P.O. Box 640, SF-00101 Helsinki, Finland Mannerheimvagen 166 SF-00280 Helsinki Finland
System name in operation since 1984 1972 New version, 1981 1985
Nutrient data sources Turpheinen; Food Composition Tables, 1980; product information from food industry Turpheinen; Food Composition Tables, 1980; Varo, Mineral Tables, 1982; other food composition tables - Swedish, 1978, British, 1967 Norwegian, 1977, German, 1981; literature; own analy ses; product information Food composition tables - Swedish, 1978, German, 1981, British, 1978, USA USDA Agricullure Hand- book No. 8-1; product information Nordic food composition tables; other tables; own analyses; product information
Number of (a) foods, (b) recipes, (c) aggregated foods, a-b, a-c (a) 360; (b) 78 (a) 450; (b) 400 (a) 500; (b) 400 (a) 450; (b) 700
Nutrients/food 8 60 70 65
Other components/food Food cost data Recipe procedures    
Nutrition recommendation No No RDA and Swedish Nutrition Recommendations No
Recipe calculation        
Food yields No Yes Nutrient changes of every  
Nutrient losses and gains; factors No Yes food item in the recipes  
System is used by The staff of the Centre Scientists and students of the department Scientists, dietitians, etc., of the Centre or the institute The staff of the Institute
System is suited for Nutrition surveys; diet planning; menu planning Nutrition surveys; research; education Nutrition surveys; research; diet planning Nutrition surveys research
System is used for Calculation of nutrients; calculation of costs. Calculation of nutrients Calculation of nutrients Calculation of nutrients
Computer   Borroughs 7800 IBM 30840 VAX
Program source        
Program language APL PASCAL APL PASCAL
Operating data-base management system       VMS/RMS
Access   Modern and terminal Modem and terminal  
For sale:        
Nutrient data-base system No No No No
Nutrient data base No No No No