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View the document To adapt or adopt: lessons in technology transfer
View the document Lessons in technology transfer: a case study of the vertical shaft brick kiln
View the document Sharing experiences in building materials production: lessons from Zimbabwe
View the document Cooperation through collective action: the role of housing cooperatives in eastern, central and Southern Africa
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View the document Alternative roofing technology: a case study of technology development and dissemination in Kenya
View the document The BASIN-AEA awareness seminar: An impact assessment
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BASIN - News No. 14 : Bridging gaps through cooperation


BASIN- news is the international newsletter of BASIN, the Building Advisory Service and Information Network. BASIN-News is edited by GATE, Germany, SKAT, Switzerland, IT, U.K., CRATerre, France and SHELTER FORUM, Kenya. Publisher and Corresponding address for general issues:


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