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Session 8. Project #4, Preparation 8.0


After reports of the Project $3 pretest have been presented, participants will prepare the silkscreens and artwork for printing the display poster,


Participants will understand the educational value and design requirements of a display poster, They will be able to assemble a silkscreen, make color separations, and cut a stencil.


Project #3: completed visual aid

Project #3: presentation script

Project #3: pretest evaluation form

silkscreen frames

silk, nylon, or dacron - fine mesh

screwdriver (for removing pins from hinges)

staples and stapler


tracing paper

black fine tip pens

blue film

exacto knives

display poster tight comp (from Activity 7.7)


1) Have silkscreen frames constructed and attached to backboards with pin hinges according to instructions contained in A SILKSCREEN MANUAL.

2) Set out all supplies necessary to assemble silkscreens.

3) Set out tracing paper and fine tip pens for color separations.

4) Set out blue film and exacto knives for stencil cutting demonstration.


Estimated Time

8.1 Project #3: Pretest Reports

30 minutes

8.2 Silkscreen Preparation


*** Merienda


8.3 Keyline Pattern & Color Separations


8.4 Homework Assignment: Stencil Cutting



180 minutes



8.1 Project #3: Pretest reports

30 Minutes


1) Following the pattern set in Sessions 4 and 6 for Projects #1 and #2, a representative from each team will report to the group-at-large the results of the pretest for Project #3. Each report should be limited to no more than 5 minutes.

• display visual aid for Project #3

• briefly explain presentation strategy

• use evaluation form for reference

• describe facilitator's feelings before, during, and after presentation

• describe observed audience reactions and response

• discuss audience suggestions and comments


2) Workshop participants will offer comments and suggestions regarding modification of the visual aid and/or presentation strategy in response to the pretest report.



8.2 Project #4: Silkscreen preparation

60 Minutes


Participants will stretch the silk onto the silkscreen frames according to directions provided in A SILKSCREEN MANUAL (Section C).

1) Each team will be responsible for preparing one screen.

2) Facilitator will demonstrate and assist teams in this activity.

3) Workshop members familiar with the procedure should be encouraged to share their skills with their colleagues.

* * * * * TEN MINUTE MERIENDA * * * * *


8.3 Keyline pattern & color separations

60 Minutes


1) Facilitator will follow instructions in A SILKSCREEN MANUAL (Section D) to demonstrate keylining the poster pattern. Participants should be encouraged to assist.

2) Once the keyline pattern has been made, participants should take turns making the color separations according to the directions provided in the manual (Section D).


8.4 Homework assignment: Stencil cutting

20 Minutes


1) Briefly review "Cutting the Stencil" (Section E in A SILKSCREEN MANUAL) with participants.

2) Give each participant a small piece of blue film on which to practice cutting.

3) Distribute 1 color separation and 1 piece of blue film (approximately 22" x 30" in size) to each team. Each team will be responsible for preparing a stencil according to directions in A SILKSCREEN MANUAL prior to Session 9.

4) Don't forget to remind teams that they must also modify/revise Project #3 as indicated by the pretest.