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Presenting the sessions


Each session design includes one or more exercises directed at meeting the goals of the session. The information provided in the cosign includes:

1. Session/exercise title,

2. Total time required to complete session/exercise,

3. Overview statement describing the purpose of the exercise/session,

4. Procedures and activities - sequenced and timed steps which describe what the trainer and participants are required to do at a particular point in the session,

5. Materials required,

6. Trainer's Notes : Special instructions relevant to a particular session or exercise.

Review/study the training program guidelines

Even though each session is described in detail, it will be necessary for you and any co-staff to review carefully the entire design to assure that there is an understanding of the overall sequence of activities and of specific trainer activities/responsibilities for each session. In reviewing the design for each session, you should do the following:

1. Review the trainer and participant materials,

2. Review the goals of each session and determine the relationship of the session to the previous and subsequent sessions to the total program,

3. Prepare sessions/exercise, goals/objectives on flip chart (write these in your own words rather than copying them verbatim from the guidelines),

4. Be sure all the materials are prepared, equipment is working, and the space needed is properly set up for training,

- Prepare flip charts before the session - if an easel is not available, paper may be tacked or taped to the wall;

- Prepare any lecture notes required - keep these to a minimum,

- Gather copies of all handouts and worksheets.

5. Review the sequence of activities, the points to be discussed, and materials several times before the session to become thoroughly familiar with the session and its content,

6. Assign shared responsibilities of co-trainers,

7. During the presentations, keep in mind the structure of the session, i.e., introduction, major points, summary.

If you are not confident of your own knowledge as to the content of one of the sessions, you may want to look for an outside resource person to cover that session. We had a specialist in tropical horticulture give two presentations: one on fruit trees and another on jojoba as a cash crop. A soil specialist covered the sessions on soils.

Adding to the given design

It has been our experience that outside speakers do not necessarily add to the design. In fact, we had to redo several sessions when the speakers did not cover the requested material. Be sure experts are expert and that they focus their talks on the required topic area.

Sequence for session/exercise

For each session/exercise the trainer should:

1. Explain the purpose of the session/exercise,

2. Review specific goals and objectives,

3. Summarize major activities contained in session/exercise,

4. Provide time for the participants to make journal entries.

Remember the time allotted for each activity is approximate. More or less time may be required or desired depending upon the group size and needs. While some flexibility is "built-in", scheduling should allow for adequate coverage of all activities in each session.