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Advance information

It is assumed that trainees will have an orientation to Peace Corps service during or before the first week of training. We recommend the orientation model developed by Marine Fisheries Training Program, Puerto Rico, October, 1982, (see Joyce Martinson report, Marine Fisheries Training, October, 1982). In addition to this orientation, two days of country specific information should be added. It is also possible that trainees will have gone through a CAST or CREST. Whatever event trainees attend for orientation, the training director should make clear to trainees that the technical training program will:

1. Be intense (little free time),

2. Entail a great deal of study, research and writing,

3. Continue to build cross-cultural skills,

4. Teach technical skills,

5. Be experiential, "hands on" training,

6. Highlight and improve their inter-personal skills,

7. Enforce a dress code of forestry professionals.