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List of reference material

1. * An Assessment of the Potential for Peace Corps/USAID/Host Country Cooperation in Social Forestry Projects. Frederick J. Conway & James L. Fickes. Peace Corps.

2. A Visual Geography of Africa. CT Quinn - Young.

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5. * A Glossary of Agricultural Terms. Peace Corps.

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7. * Audiovisual Communication Handbook. Peace Corps.

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9. Afforestation Species for the Savannah. G. Mensbruge.

10. A Tourist Guide to Simple Swahili. Ines May & Alfred Banner.

11. Builders Vest Pocket Reference Book. William J. Hornung.

12. Collecting Forest Trees Seeds & Growing Your Own Seedlings. USDA Forest Service.

13. Cassava Cultural Practices. Edward J. Weber (Editor).

14. * Crop Production Handbook. Peace Corps.

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16. Community Forestry (Report).

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20. Eucalyptus for Planting. FAO Draft , Volume II.

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41. Kenya's People: People Around the Lake. W. R. Ochieng.

42. La Desertification Au Sud du Sahara. Collogue de Nouakchott.

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98. Removing Constraints for Small Farm Production. Caqueza Project.

99. Materials Needed for Village Woodlot Project (Report). (Caudeau).

100. Species List for Senegal ( Posted on wall ) .

101. Map of Senegal (Posted on wall).

102. Map of Kenya (Posted on wall).

* These articles and publications are available at ICE/Peace Corps Headquarters.

Reference Additions

1. Trees of Puerto Rico & the Virgin Islands. 2 Volumes. Little, Woodbury, & Wadworth.

2. Taxonomy of Prosopis in Mexico and Latin America. Peter F. Folliot.

3. Introductory Plant Science. Henry T. Northern.

4. The Plant Kingdom. Harold C. Bold.