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Oxfam country profiles


Oxfam Country Profiles focus on the real lives of ordinary people and the major development issues that affect them. The analysis they offer draws on Oxfam's experience of working in over 70 countries. Each Profile includes basic information on the history, society, politics, economy, and environment of the country. It brings the facts to life with interviews, case-studies, and specially commissioned photographs.


The Philippines

In Search of Justine

Charlie Pye-Smith

This new profile describes a country at a crossroads. Although burdened with a huge mountain of debt, as a legacy from the corrupt and inefficient government of President Marcos, the Philippines seems poised to emulate the example of the neighbouring South Asian tiger economies.

But there will be many Filipinos who will not share in any increased prosperity that might result, in particular the indigenous inhabitants of the region, whose life-style is dependent on the rapidly disappearing forests. This book explains how they are making efforts to secure land rights and more control over the resources they need. Also featured are the many fishing communities of the islands, whose livelihoods are being destroyed by international factory-fleets, and who are also struggling to survive.

• Charlie Pye-Smith is a journalist and researcher with a particular interest in developing countries. His previous publications include The Other Nile (1986), Travels In Nepal (1988), and In Search of Wild India (1993). He also wrote Nile: River of the Gods, a documentary for the US Discovery Channel, and presented three series of Global Concerns for the BBC World Service.

June 1997, 0 85598 3671, paperback 64pp illustrated, £5.95, $9.95


Mali A Prospect of Peace? (new)

Rhéal Drisdelle

Most people in the industralised world have heard of Timbuktu, even if they could not find this ancient centre of civilization on the map. In fact, it is in Mali, a West African country which is rapidly coming to terms with the modern world. In 1991 the people of Mali overthrew a military dictatorship; democratic elections were held; a free press is flourishing; the nation is struggling with the effects of an economic structural adjustment programme and interethnic tensions which brought it to the brink of catastrophe.

This book looks at the lives of ordinary Malians and asks how they are surviving the changes which are transforming their nation. It also celebrates the culture of Mali, from village story-tellers to world-famous film makers and musicians like Salif Keita and Ali Farka Touré.

• Rhéal Drisdelle, who was Oxfam's Country Representative in Mali from 1989 to 1995, lived through the dramatic recent events which he describes in this book.

January 1997, 0 85598 334 5, paperback 64pp illustrated, £5.95, $9.95


El Salvador Peace on Trial (new)

Kevin Murray

When the war in El Salvador came to an end with the signing of the Peace Accords in Mexico in 1992, there were many unresolved issues facing the country. This book gives an account of the history of El Salvador, and the inequalities and political corruption in Salvadorean society which were contributory causes of the longrunning civil war. The ecological crisis facing the country, and the unresolved issues of land tenure are also examined.

El Salvador: Peace on Trial reviews the efforts which are being made to rebuild communities, and the obstacles which remain on the road to a stable and peaceful future.

• Kevin Murray lived in El Salvador from 1989 to 1994, working with a number of international development organizations. He is the author of Rescuing Reconstruction: The Debate on Postwar Economic Recovery in El Salvador (1994, Hemisphere Initiatives), and Inside El Salvador (1995, Resource Center Press). He currently works for Oxfam America.

June 1997, 0 85598 3612, paperback 64pp illustrated, £5.95, $9.95


Mozambique Rising from the Ashes

Rachel Waterhouse

The civil war in Mozambique, one of the most brutal ever known in Africa, finally came to an end in 1992 Yet for its 16 million people another struggle was just beginning: to repair the shattered fabric of their lives and to forge a truly Mozambican nation.

Rachel Waterhouse explains the background to the conflict, and examines its impact on the lives of farmers, fishing communities, traders, and crafts-people; on traditional values and social structures; on health and education services; and on the natural environment. She finds signs of hope emerging all over the country, despite the nation's ruinous debts and the colonial era's legacy of neglect.

1996 ,085598 8418, paperback 64 pp ittustrated, £5.95, $9.95

Pakistan Tradition and Change

Khavar Mumtaz with Yameema Mithra

This profile gives a wide-ranging account of the historic development and political economy of Pakistan, yet also conveys the reality of daily life there for ordinary people. It examines why poverty still exists in a country where so much progress has taken place in economic terms, and describes how poor people are taking the initiative in improving their living conditions.

1996, 085598 3361, paperback 64pp illustrated, £5.95, $9.95


Nepal New Horizons?

Omar Sattaur

To most people in the developed world, Nepal is an unspoilt Shangri-La of spectacular scenery and remote picturesque villages.

This book goes behind the glossy tourist brochures to examine the reality of a complex and rapidly changing society. Nepal: New Horizons? examines the changes in people's attitudes to the traditional monarchy and rigid social structures, and describes the reality of life in a society which is undergoing a major change as a result of contact with Western influences - particularly tourism.

1996, 085598 270 X, paperback 64pp illustrated ,£5.95, $9.95


Ethiopia Breakino New Ground

Ben Parker

Ethiopia: Breaking New Ground celebrates the rich cultures of an ancient society, and describes its people's efforts to revive their land. Times are hard: soils are exhausted, schools and hospitals are derelict, and AIDS and urbanisation pose new challenges. But the sense of community is strong, and the country's new constitution gives grounds for hope that there is a better future for Ethiopia.

1995, 085598 270 5, paperback 64pp ilustrated, £5.95, $9.95


Rwanda Which Wav Now?

David Waller The first edition of this profile was published in 1993. It ended with a prophecy: 'Rwanda stands on the brink of an uncharted abyss of anarchy and violence. and there are all too many historical, ethnic, economic. and political pressures that are likely to push it over the edge.' On 6 April the following year, Rwanda descended into that abyss. One hundred days later one tenth of the population was dead and two million people had fled from their homes.

How and why did it happen? What are the hopes for reconciliation? What is the country's long-term future? This new edition has been updated to include a final section which examines these crucial questions. It covers events from the start of the genocide through to the programme of reconstruction, and looks at the international response to the crisis.

1996 second edition, 0 85598 354 X, paperback 72pp ilustrated, £5.95, $9.95


Bangladesh The Strenghth to Succeed

Jim Monan

The people of Bang]adesh show immense resilience and courage in facing natural disasters, and great determination in their struggle to build a better society. Jim Monan looks behind the disaster headlines to provide an informative introduction to the country. This new edition has been extensively revised and new sections have been added on recent political changes, the Flood Control Plan, the expansion of the garment industry, and the rise of religious fundamentalism and ethnic tension.

1995 second edition, 0 85598 328 0, paperback 64pp illustrated, £5.95, $9.95


Sudan A Nation in the Balance

Chris Peters

This book, drawing on Oxfam's experience of working with groups affected on all sides of the civil war in Sudan, illustrates the tenacity and resourcefulness of ordinary people - and explains the background to one of the leastunderstood conflicts in modern Africa.

1996, 0855983167, paperback 64pp ilustrated, £5.95, $9.95


Senegal A state of Change

Robin Sharp

Standing at the crossroads of African, Islamic, and European cultures, Senegal is a country of extraordinary complexity, and the 19905 are proving to be a time of radical change. This profile offers a c]ear and authoritative account of this fascinating country.

1994, 085598 283 7, 64pp illustrated, £5.95, $9.95


India Paths to Development

Julia Cleves Mosse

Julia Cleves Mosse 'has loked at India with a critical but sympatheic eye, and presented a fully rounded picture packed with facts and examples, in a simple, easy-to-read language with masterly clairity.' India Weekly

1993 second edition, 085598 2241, 64pp illustrated, £5.95, $9.95


Zibbawe A Land Divided

Robin Palmer and Isobel Birch

This book traces the evolution of divisions within Zimbabwean society based on gender, race, class, ethnicity, geography and culture, and discusses how these can be reconciled.

1992, 0 85598178 4, paperback 64pp illustrated, £5 95, 59 95


Burkina Faso New Life for the Sahel?

Robin Sharp

'The book analyses the environmental and economic causes of the country's crises... But it also looks forwards to suggest how locally- based aid initiatives can present new hope for country' Daily Telegraph

1990, 085598 130 X, paperback 48pp illustrated, £4.95, $7.95


Vietnam The Price of Peace

Chris Brazier

'One learns a formidable amount of fresh, unbiased information on virtually every page' Liberation

Chris Brazier describes what life is like for the Vietnamese people as they work to establish peace and security, and reports on their hopes for the future as the country takes its place in the world community once more.

1992, 0 85598 152 0, 64pp illustrated, £5.95, 59.95


Brazil A Mask Called Progress

Neil MacDonald

Based on Oxfam's development experience in Brazil, this book examines the conflicts that have brought many traditional communities to the edge of extinction, and threaten to destroy one of the richest natural environments on earth.

1991, 0855980915 paperback, 128pp with illustrations, £5.95, $9.95


The Andes A Quest for Justice

Neil MacDonald

Describes how the Andean people, in order to survive, are turning to their old traditions of mutual aid and are finding ways of working together which may lead them in new directions in their long quest for justice.

1993, 0855982004 paperback, 128pp with illustrations, £5.95, $9.95


The Caraibbean Making Our Own Choices

Neil MacDonald

With the use of quotes, poems, songs and sayings, this book provides an accessible introduction to Oxfamsupported community work in the Caribbean which firmly locates it in the historical, political and economic context of the region.

1990, 0 85598 086 9 paperback, 64pp with illustrations, £4.50, $7.95