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Tree planting site

During the course of training, the participants will plant trees. We chose to plant 1,000 trees in the Papago Reservation. This site was ideal for our purposes as it not only provided the participants an opportunity to practice extension techniques, work with local children and have a cross cultural encounter with Indians, but also gave everyone a sense of doing something that would have lasting results. The stock from the nursery started by the trainees will not be ready to outplant during the field trip and large quantities of trees for outplanting are not always available locally. We not only had to have trees shipped from a neighboring state, but also had to arrange storage for several days. We also learned about citrus trees we could have had for free; however, the information came too late for us to transport the trees in time for our tree planting exorcises.

For the seedlings that will be planted by the trainees at their nursery, we used cat titter boxes as seed bean. The forestry technical trainer can plant seeds upon arrival at the training site for pre-training preparation.