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Session 2: Construction


2 hrs. (In barn)


1. To provide needed equipment for the animal barn (feeders, waterers, pens, laying nests, roosts etc).


2. To learn how to construct the above mentioned equipment using local materials and resources.


3. To learn how to work together in small groups on tasks and practice possible skill transference.


Based on reading assigned before the session, trainees become familiar with different designs of equipment. Trainer also be comes familiar with the construction skills of those in the group. When trainees are broken into small groups to construct equipment, those trainees with little or no experience are placed with those who have more. Trainers should avoid teaching construction skills and allow the process of skill transference to occur among the trainees.



10 Min.

State goals and relevance of the session.

15 Min.

Lists group tasks that are necessary and others that the trainees might want to. Facilitate the formation of small groups with a mix of experienced and less experienced trainers within each group.

80 Min.

Trainees within their groups work on tasks. Possible tasks may be pen construction, feeder and/or waterer construction, laying nests, hovers, etc.

15 Min.

Observe and critique equipment built and solicit feedback on skill transference. The importance of skill transference when dealing with farmers is emphasized.










.Chicken wire


.Practical Poultry Raising Manual

Trainer Notes:

If the possibility rises where a group has little or no construction experience, the lesson plan will probably have to be altered.


Very little purchasing of construction supplies should be done, so trainees will make use of scraps that may be around the training site. This encourages the trainee to consider the situations she/he will face overseas, either lack of resources or those that are expensive for the small farmers.