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Ethnoveterinary medicine in Asia: an information kit on traditional animal health care practices

The four booklets in this kit contain details on herbal remedies and other ethnoveterinary practices used by stock raisers and healers in South and Southeast Asia. Three of the four booklets cover ruminants (cattle, buffaloes, sheep and goats), swine and poultry. The fourth booklet contains topics which apply to any of these species.

This kit contains many valuable traditional practices which can serve as low-cost and practical alternatives for rural communities. It is a useful reference for livestock raisers, animal health care practitioners and researchers throughout tropical Asia and other developing countries.

Price. P=250 or US$10, excluding postage

Farmer-proven integrated agriculture-aquaculture

Farmer-proven integrated agriculture-aquaculture systems and technologies are commonly found throughout Asia. A joint llRR-ICLARM (International Center for Living Aquatic Resources Management) regional workshop brought together experts and field practitioners from Bangladesh, China, India, Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam to critically assess and document some of these systems and technologies. Integrated farming systems are presented in detail, highlighting the critical linkages between agriculture and aquaculture. All of the experiences presented are based on practical applications from the field.

Price. P=250 or US$10 , excluding postage

Guia practice pare su huerto familiar organico

This manual is the Spanish translation of The Bio-intensive approach to small-scale household food production. It has been modified to suit the conditions in Latin America. It presents low-cost strategies for small-scale household gardening which aims to improve the nutritional status of rural and pert-urban households, as well as suplementing their income through the sale of vegetables. (Available from IIRR Latin America, Apartado 17-088494, Quito, Ecuador. Tel./Fax (593-2) 443-763. Email

Price. US$20; including postage

Livelihood options for coastal communities

This publication is a compilation of small-scale, appropriate technologies aimed to provide and improve livelihood opportunities for coastal communities in the Philippines. The subjects covered are water- and land-based activities in the coastal areas including topics on aquaculture, capture fisheries, fish processing and other livelihood endeavors. The book is specially helpful to teachers anti extension workers engaged in information dissemination and technology transfer in coastal communities.

Price:P=100 or US$4; excluding postage

Low-external input rice production technology information kit

Alternative rice productions strategies are presented in this kit, focusing on proven technologies based on a variety of sources including farmer-level field experiences, institutional research, as well as traditional practices. Topics covered included integrated nutrient management, farm diversification, livestock integration and integrated pest management. The materials are designed for use by field technicians, trainers and rural development workers.

Price : P=250 or US$10 ; excluding postage

Manual de practicas agroecologicas de 105 Andes Ecuatorians

The manual contains validated experiences of people and institutions on agroecological practices in the Andes. This provides information on the existence and viability of agroecological practices which are part of sustainable. Andes production systems. The manual is in Spanish.

(Available from IIRR Latin America, Apartado 17-08-8494,Quito,Ecuador.

Tel./Fax(593-2) 443-763.Email

Price: US$20;including postage

Paraveterinary medicine: An information kit on low-cost health care practices

The paraveterinary kit contains information about animal health problems commonly encountered by animal health practitioners (or para-vets) working in isolated rural communities. The kit which is composed of four booklets recommends effective and simple treatments to common diseases of farm animals like the use of common antibiotics, hormone vitamins and dewormers. The information in this kit was documented from a series of intensive field work activities with a group of livestock small holders. This publication hopes to help animal health practitioners identify and remedy common health problems which they may encounter in their work.

Price: P= 250 or US$10; excluding postage

Recording and using indigenous knowledge: A manual

The kit provides rural development workers with information and tools needed to integrate indigenous knowledge (IK) into the development work. It contains an overview of I K-related issues, describes more than 30 methods of recording and assessing IK, discusses issues and methods for assessing the usefulness of IK in development, contains more than 20 question guides that outline content areas to be considered when recording IK and lists further resources that can be used when exploring the use of IK.

Price: P=300 or US$12; excluding postage

Regenerative agricultural technologies

This publication presents a complete range of techniques for environmentally sound food production. It includes illustrated leaflets on rice production, organic fertilizers, fish culture, pest control, bio-intensive gardening and soil and water conservation.

Price: P=200 or US$8; excluding postage

Regenerative agriculture technologies for the hill farmers of Nepal

Developed in Nepal by Nepalese agriculture professionals from government, academe and NGOs, this kit presents a range of proven technologies for Nepalese hill farmers. Topics include agroforestry, home gardening, improved cropping systems, pest control and animal production, all of which emphasize environmentally sound food production strategies. Also available in Nepal from the International Centre for Integrated Mountain Development (ICIMOD), 1'. O. Box 3226, Kathmandu, Nepal, Tel. 525313.

Price: P=250 or US$10 excluding postage

Resource book on sustainable agriculture for the lowlands

Edited by Janet Dumo, Ilya Moeliono and Ravadee Prasertcharoensuk. 286 pages.

This book is based largely on papers presented during the Workshop on Sustainable Agriculture in the Lowlands, held in Thailand in late 1990 It features appropriate technologies on rice production, irrigation, integrated nutrient management, pest management fish production, animal husbandry, agroforestry and genetic conservation. It also includes farmer case studies, extension work and organizational networking.

Price: P= 15() or US$6. excluding postage

Resource book on sustainable agriculture for the uplands

Edited by Lyn Capistrano-Doren, Janet Durno and llya Moeliono. 199 pages.

This anthology of more than 40 articles by agriculture and development experts bon, Southeast Asian countries was produced by the Southeast Asia Sustainable Agriculture Network in 1988. It includes practical advice on topics like soil and water conservation, agroforestry, seed production, land tenure systems in the uplands, integrated livestock production and participatory approach for working with farmers.

Price: P=150 or US$6; excluding postage

Resource management for upland areas in Southeast Asia

This manual provides a set of easy-to-understand guidelines on sustainable upland management technologies and participatory approaches for development and promotion. Major topics included are upland issues and approaches, integrated upland systems management, soil and water conservation, diagnostic methods and tools, extension and linkage strategies and evaluation techniques. The kit is intended for use by agriculture and forestry trainers, natural resources management specialists, extension personnel and non-government organizations promoting upland community development.

Price: P=250 or US$10; excluding postage

Health: Prevention and care

This kit is consists of four chapters. Chapter one covers health hazards and safety in various factories. Chapter two focuses on public health such as personal hygiene and sanitary environment. Chapter three focuses on primary health care and chapter four discusses some common diseases and its initial treatment. This is intended for use by school teachers, community health workers, extension personnel, trainers, field practicing students and enterprise managers. The kit is written in Chinese.

Price: P=100 or US$4, excluding postage

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- Ethnoveterinary Medicine in Kenya

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- Participatory Methods for Community-based Coastal Resources Management

- Homestead Aquaculture Kit (in Bengali)

- Livelihood Options for Coastal Communities, volume 2

- Indigenous Maternal Health Care Practices in Asia

- Environmental Health A Resource Book for Community Health Workers

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