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• Fertilizers give the soil mineral salts (see Booklet No. 1, page 19). With fertilizers, harvests are better.

• But fertilizers are costly.

A farmer only buys fertilizers if the increase in his harvest will pay for the fertilizers.

A farmer only buys fertilizers if they will earn him money.

• It is useless to apply fertilizers if your farming work is not well done.

• If you do not control erosion, the good earth with the fertilizers is carried away.

• If you have tilled the soil badly, plant roots grow badly.

• If you have sowed late, the plants will be late and will not grow enough before the dry season.

• If you do not get rid of the weeds, the fertilizer will chiefly benefit the weeds.

• If you do not control insects and diseases the harvest will be no better and the fertilizer will be wasted.

Apply fertilizer only when all your farming jobs are well done.